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Volunteering with the ACE Mentor Program

Updated: Feb 7

Written By: Kyle Gage |


Jesika and Kyle in our Plano Office volunteer their Thursday nights to mentor high school students interested in the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) fields through the ACE Mentor Program. The ACE Mentor Program, a national program, is a no-cost after-school program that connects students interested in the ACE fields with industry professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to mentor a group of students.


Each week students meet with their mentors to hear presentations from industry professionals and then work together on a group project. Through work on these projects, students learn to collaborate, communicate their ideas, and build leadership skills.


This year the group project for the 2023-2024 Plano/Frisco chapter is for the students to develop a Formula 1 track. As a part of this project, students have been tasked with laying out their track, developing grading, an observation tower, and a winner's circle.


Those interested in learning more or finding a local chapter may do so at


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