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Drafting and Dancing (Updated)

Updated: 2 days ago

Written By: Kyle Swisher |

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Kyle Swisher.I have been a proud employee of Heights Venture since I graduated from the University of Houston in the Spring of 2021, bringing my total tenure to nearly 3 years.

During those 3 years I have maintained my role as a member of UH’s competitive Ballroom Dance Team named Cougar Dancesport.

After re-founding the Team in 2017 as a Sophomore, I served as President and eventually Coach for the Club during my Undergraduate Degree. To this day I still travel with and teach Cougars interested in Ballroom Dance.


It is very difficult to maintain a schedule outside of work that includes Coaching, Personal Practice, and pursuing Architecture licensure, as anyone might imagine.

But travelling across the country to compete in National events with a group of dedicated dancers and great friends always makes the time feel worth it.

For example, we recently, February 17-18th, competed in the Southeastern Dancesport Championships in Atlanta, Georgia.

My fiancée Maggie and I placed 1st through 4th out of 16 couples in a variety of different dances, with plenty of Ribbons and Medals to show for it.

Add in a trip to the incredible Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca-Cola Museum, and the result was a fantastic mini-vacation!


I am very grateful that Heights Venture gives me the flexibility and work-life balance necessary to pursue my own hobbies, and for the support given to me by my coworkers.

For now, I will be using that flexibility to prepare our competition team for our next event, a National Competition in Pittsburg, in about 1 month, during our practices every 5:00pm to 8:00pm Fridays and Sundays.

Nothing like competition season to test the limits of that work-life balance…


Thank you greatly for reading my story, and I hope it serves as an insightful look into some of the things happening outside of the office here at Heights Venture.

Please enjoy a few of my favorite pictures and videos from my recent competition!

Updated (4/1/24)

After qualifying in the Atlanta competition you read about above, the University of Houston team went on to the National Championships in Pittsburgh, PA.

As a coach I was very proud of everyone there, where UH left with plenty of awards including 3rd Overall and 2nd in an Exhibition Match against all other collegiate teams.


My fiancée and I also did very well, with various placements from 1st through 5th out of 16 couples, earning the title of National Champions in our events.

With that our competition season comes to a close, and we look forward to a well deserved break over the summer before we start training the next generation of Cougars in the Fall.


Thank you for reading, and Go Coogs!



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